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Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering
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Houston Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering


As far as building signage is concerned, dimensional and channel letters are some of the most popular types of signs for a wide range of Houston businesses.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignThese types of signs are incredibly versatile and flexible, characteristics that allow businesses to have customized signs that meet their specific needs. For instance, you can opt for flat dimensional letters, illuminated signs, or other custom signs.

At Houston Signs and Wraps, we endeavor to provide professional business signs, focusing on high-quality sign fabrication and fast turnaround for our customers.

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Understanding Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignChannel letter signs are amongst the most popular storefront signage product that we have. They are 3D signs that are created by forming individual elements such as numbers, letters, symbols, and even images using cut metal. The formed elements are thereafter secure on a or a raceway baking frame. Some clients elect to have their element flush-mounted into the façade of their business building.

The channel signs elements are usually covered with a durable acrylic top. The top comes in a variety of colors and transparency levels, and business owners can choose the color and transparency scheme that suits their design needs. Furthermore, you can channel letter signage to develop our name, logo, slogan, or any other message you need to be displayed. This is due to the fact that different fonts, sizes, styles, and colors can be used in this kind of signage development.

If you have or run a retails, grocery store, mall, shopping center, school, church, or any other kind of enterprise, channel signage products are perfect for you.

Understanding Dimensional Letters

Storefront SignAt face value, dimensional letters and channel letters are quite similar. Both of these signage types are made up of individually formed elements. However, since channel letter signs have a space in the letters, they can be illuminated.

Dimensional letters, on the other hand, are formed solid elements usually using metals, acrylic, or any other hardy material. What truly sets the dimensional letters apart from their channel letter counterpart is the use of thickness variation to achieve a 3D appearance. Nonetheless, Houston, TX business owners can elect for different styles, fonts, and sizes for their dimensional signage.

At Houston Signs and Wraps, we focus on designing and fabricating dimensional letter products that match your design specifications as well as meeting your branding needs. We create dimensional signs for retail stores, offices, restaurants, manufacturing firms, for both indoor and outdoor signs.

Illuminated & Backlit Signs

Lighted SignThe main benefit that businesses accrue from using channel letters signage is the ability to backlight the elements. Adding LED lighting allows the sign to be visible even at night and when weather causes poor visibility. As such, businesses go on attracting new customers, regardless of the prevailing lighting condition. Therefore, if you operate a theatre, a bar, a coffee shop, a gas station, a convenience store, a restaurant, a nightclub, or any other business that operate night time, you should consider getting illuminated signs from Houston Signs and Wraps.

If you operate a business that is open during night time, a backlit channel sign from Houston Signs and Wraps will boost your business and your bottom line as well. We work on all areas of the sign, including it fabrication, installation, and securing of the sign.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

We are dedicated to providing you with fast turn times, quality products, and a dedicated, experienced team to guide and assist you throughout your project. If you are looking for a long-term signage partner, who will be there for you throughout the life of your business, Houston Signs and Wraps is the right local sign company for you.

Houston Signs and Wraps is dedicated to designing, fabricating, installing channel and dimensional signs for our customers, all the while providing the best quality services possible. To this end, we pull all stops have fast turnarounds and have professionals to guide you through the project. If you are in need of local Houston signage partner to help you with your branding needs, you can never go wrong by choosing Houston Signs and Wraps.

Call Houston Signs and Wraps today at (832) 293-4899 for a Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation!