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Custom Monument Signs
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Houston Custom Monument Signs


Monument signs are very common tools used to create large, impressive entrances that grab people’s attention. You might have noticed one at a local school, church, or corporate building.

Houston Custom Monument Signs Monument Foam 300x183These types of signs are usually designed with stone, brick, or marble for the primary structure. There is then a secondary area that contains lettering. The lettering usually consists of the business’s name, a corporate logo, or any sort of information you want to display to the public. Monument signs are used alongside building signs, but not in place of them. Together, they create a smooth and informative experience for those passing by.

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An Impressive Entrance

Houston Custom Monument Signs monument sign outdoor 300x225Nearly every sort of Houston business in any industry can benefit from a monument sign. They are great for catching the attention of anyone in the area. They are known for leaving serious and lasting impressions. If it’s the first time a person has heard of your business, then it could make the difference between a stranger and a paying customer.

Your average monument sign will rest near eye level. The sign is not supported by any large pillars, poles, or tall-standing structures. Those sort of elements are known to wear down with age and under the pressure of severe weathering. But with monument signs, you never need to worry about that. Therefore, your sign will last much longer than other options.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Houston Custom Monument Signs monument 4 300x214Monument signs are seeing increased usage in parks and multi-building shopping areas. A multi-tenant shopping sign can provide a great opportunity for everyone in the area to benefit. It can include a list of the different facilities and brief directional information. It’s a great way to ensure that all of the Houston, TX businesses in the facility are on display to the public and not forgotten.

Investing in high-quality monument signs that stop traffic and grab attention only makes sense. It’s a great solution for any sort of business.

Custom Signs For Every Budget

Houston Custom Monument Signs 2 64 300x214Every monument sign we produce is made custom to your specifications, needs, and budget. Our company works with a variety of materials and can create signs of many different sizes. Our specialists will work closely with you to ensure you receive the ideal sign for your Houston business.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Let Houston Signs and Wraps handle all of your monument sign needs. We manufacture durable, high-quality, custom made signs for a variety of different industries.

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