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Hockley Custom Signs


Most Hockley businesses find that the perfect template for a sign for their business doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean you will have to break the bank to get what you want.

Houston Signs and Wraps designs, manufactures, and installs attractive custom signs that are brand cohesive, durable, and affordable. Whether you need something unique to complement your existing signage, or you are looking for a whole range of custom signs for business, we can create exactly what you need right here in our local sign shop, with a quick turnaround.

Sometimes in order to beat your competition, you have to think like an innovator – and custom sign printing is one of the best ways to get there.

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An Exciting Process

Iron Works Tavern Custom Hanging SignGetting a custom sign can be a lot of fun!

During our initial consultation, you will talk about your ideas for your custom signage, down to the smallest details. We listen to you, make suggestions, and together create a plan for your signage, including styles, colors, fonts, sizing, and more.

After that meeting, our designers will start working on your customized sign based on the specs we have created together. Once they have a draft design completed, we will send you a mock-up showing what your completed sign will look like. This is your chance to give us your feedback, make any changes or modifications you want, or feel free to send us back to the drawing board if we have missed the mark completely. Once we have reached agreement on a design and have your approval, it will then move to the production phase.

67% Have Purchased a Product Because of a SignOur expert Hockley custom sign craftsmen are in charge of creating your custom sign right here in our Texas state-of-the-art sign manufacturing facility. Since our craftsmen are located in the same facility as our designers, they can work closely together to ensure everything is exactly how it should be, and how you want it to be. This improves the chances that your sign will be correctly produced the first time and means that delivery and installation of your sign can happen much more quickly.

Custom Storefront Signs

Custom cabinet Sign for Caffe MelaStorefront signs are going to be the signs that get the most views – people walking by your business, driving by, and even just looking on Google Maps will see that sign, so you want it to stand out. A great custom storefront sign is sure to capture attention and entice more customers, clients, and visitors inside.

Since the sign is custom built for you, you can have it look however you want, say whatever you want, and use whatever colors you want – all within the local sign codes for your area. As a team, we are well acquainted with the different regulations and permitting, so we can help you to stay on the right side of the law.

Custom signs have to be built to last because they can quickly become a symbol of your company. We stand by all of our work and will help with repairs and maintenance if they are necessary.

Specialty Custom Signage

Our designers love to be able to spread their wings and design custom signs. It is something that allows them to really show their full set of skills and be creative. Hockley Custom signage is one of our favorite pieces of the job, and it really shows when you look at the final product.

Some of our custom specialty signs include:

We can create any type of custom interior sign or exterior sign for your business, organization, or event, or feel free to challenge us with a completely unique need! Our dedicated and skilled designers and craftsmen are excited to take on your unique signage challenge and produce an amazing custom sign product for you!

Free Expert Custom Signs Consultation

Hockley Custom Signs houston astros 300x181When custom signage is done correctly, it can be one of the best marketing tools you have. Of course, it also has to be on time and at the right price.

Give us a call today for a free consultation with a Hockley custom sign specialist so that we can get started on your project – the sooner you can have a great custom sign, the better.

Call Houston Signs and Wraps today at (832) 293-4899 for your Fast, Free Consultation with a Custom Sign Specialist!