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Houston Custom Vinyl Signs


There are few promotional materials that work quite as well as vinyl signs and vinyl graphics. Vinyl graphics are extremely versatile and can be used for anything from vinyl window clings and vinyl banners to vinyl lettering and vinyl signs for businesses. When used on the exterior of a Houston business, they can add to the visual appeal and interest from the outside world. When used indoors, they can assist with wayfinding and directional assistance for those who need to navigate your facility, can provide privacy to conference rooms, or can provide attractive marketing and branding elements throughout.

Custom vinyl signs and cut vinyl lettering allow you to make unique displays that no one else will have. Some popular uses for vinyl signs include:

Vinyl Graphics Options

Subaru Floor Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics have a wide appeal because they are so versatile in application, materials, and final product. There are plenty of options within the wide range of vinyl materials, including weights and finishes that give different looks. They are also completely customizable, giving you the freedom to control every aspect of your design, from the color of the vinyl itself, the opacity, text, and cut of the vinyl providing you with a truly unique custom sign.

  • We have a large range of vinyl products, including:
  • Transparent vinyl that will accept full-color printing for window decals
  • Colored vinyl for cut vinyl lettering and elements
  • Double-sided graphics that display properly on both sides
  • Front-stick vinyl for application to the inside of glass doors or windows
  • Back-stick vinyl for application on solid surfaces
  • Textured or frosted privacy film
  • Durable vinyl for vehicle wraps
  • Marine grade vinyl for boat graphics
  • And more!

Our wide range of vinyl materials allows us to create virtually any custom sign you can think of, for application on practically any solid surface. Our experienced and talented designers and sign fabricators can provide the perfect solution for all of your Houston, TX signage needs.

Vinyl Signs for Businesses

Custom Hours of Operation SignEvery business provides basic information on the doors of their business. Some of it is required by law such as business license numbers, while other elements are commonly provided and thus expected, such as the hours of operation. While just about every business provides this information, there are a variety of methods they can use to display it, and that method says a lot about the professionalism of your business. Using cut vinyl lettering, you can give provide long-term business information in an attractive and professional way.

Whether you have a retail location and you want to denote where something is, you have office space and want to warm up the lobby, or you need to outfit a car with a vinyl vehicle graphic, our team can handle your needs.

Window Display Vinyl

Vinyl Window Decals Paw Prints

Window vinyl graphics, as mentioned above, can entice visitors inside your location and can provide privacy to your business. If your business has many windows, but you still need privacy, getting custom frosted glass installed can be outrageously expensive. Instead, we can install frosted or etched glass style vinyl graphics providing the same look for a fraction of the cost. This is a great option for doctors, dentists, therapists, and lawyers. You’ll still get the benefit of sunlight, but you’ll get to provide privacy and shade to your patrons as well. Using vinyl can also allow you to add personalized elements at any time, or easily remove if you desire a change.

If your windows are more targeted at attracting customers than providing privacy, you can add fun, exciting, or informational elements to with promotional vinyl graphics for windows. Add seasonal elements like snowflakes, trees, or flowers, promote a sale or special offer, or advertise your brand with your logo.

As always, vinyl graphics are easy to install and remove, and many styles are reusable, and when care for properly, are durable enough to last for many years and uses.

Attractive Wall Murals and Flooring

Large Format Wall Mural

Our vinyl sign business not only has the skill and ability to create vinyl elements, we can create entire vinyl masterpieces and large format displays. Vinyl wall graphics allow you to put a mural in any space, creating an inviting and attractive atmosphere for your Houston business. These graphics can show information, art, and can even be interactive. Since vinyl graphics are completely customizable, we can create anything you desire, allowing you to truly test the limits of your creativity!

Floor graphics can be used to help show people where to go, branding purposes, or anything else you desire. Our floor graphic vinyl products work on carpet, tile, concrete, and many other flooring options, including outdoors. They are very durable, and can easily be repaired and updated if needed, and can be used inside or outside your business, and are great for trade show displays as well!

The seamless and unobtrusive nature of vinyl graphics allows them to transform any surface without adding bulk. This makes them ideal for hallways, walkways, lobbies, alleys, and any other area where you would like to add a bit of excitement.

Full-Service Vinyl Graphic Shop

1 Additional On Premise Sign Accounts for 4.8% Increase in Annual SalesMany people do not start out knowing that they specifically want a vinyl product. They come to us saying that they need a decal for their door, a car wrap, an outdoor banner, window graphics, yard signs, or other product. Our expert sign consultants will listen to your needs, and determine what medium would best be used to create your desired signage. From that point, we will handle the design, planning all of the different elements that will be needed to achieve the look you want, working until we get your final approval.

All of your elements will then be produced at our local vinyl sign shop. Depending on the type of vinyl product and intended application, we may install your vinyl in our shop or at your location, or can provide the final vinyl product to you for self-installation.

If you ever need repair or maintenance to any of your signs, regardless of who created them, Houston Signs and Wraps can help!

Free Expert Vinyl Graphics Consultation

Our vinyl sign Houston team is equipped to handle vinyl sign projects of all sizes. We handle all aspects of a vinyl sign job, including design, installation, and repairs.

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